The Swedish Game Fair is an exhibition with everything for the hunting and fishing enthusiast. As a participating exhibitor, together with our selected partners and organizations, we can promise you both an exhibition and a variety of activities which are above and beyond your expectations.

In the English park at the Royal Castle Tullgarn, visitors are guaranteed to find something of interest for both the beginner and the expert. Here you will find the full product range that you could wish for – the leading players are all on hand. This is the biggest Game Fair in Scandinavia!

Weapons, equipment, hunting trips, wild game and game management. At Tullgarn the visitor will find a great variety of exhibitors offering all you can wish for in hunting.

The fishing luck is grand at Swedish Game Fair! The trade fair for those interested in recreational fishing.

Swedish Game Fair is synonymous with a solid dog show program and competitions for all forms of hunting. From bird to bear hunting, in both national and international forms and classes.

The visitors will bring their own dogs to compete in various contests. Fast, fun and challenging. At the shooting range you will find several challenging stations where visitors will be able to win beautiful prizes.

It will be very hard to find a better range of shooting than at Swedish Game Fair. Unrivalled shooting shows. Opportunities to try out a full range of hunting weapons.

Through unique displays including 4WD-vehicles, fishing, shooting, wild boar, bear and birds, the visitor will be able to experience how dogs are supposed to work in real life situations. You will find the shows fast and filled with action.

At Swedish Game Fair the visitor will experience the best in taste sensations. Here you will find not only the food, but also the experience that reinforces the delicacies when we prepare food from the wild.

Our intention with the Swedish Game Fair is to create a hunting and fishing show with the same atmosphere as the original British Game Fair, an outdoor exhibition in an attractive environment. The Tullgarn Castle is located south of Södertalje near highway E4 and only 55 kilometres from Stockholm. An English park surrounds this royal castle with a breathtaking view over Stockholm’s archipelago.

This exhibition offers a complete assortment of activities regarding hunting, fishing, sport shooting and dogs along with wildlife and fishing preservation as well as activities attracting the entire family.

The location of this exhibition is one of its utmost advantages; situated in the middle of a region with good purchasing influence, the population of the surrounding area is approximately 2.5-3.0 million people and only an hour’s drive from cities such as Norrköping, Västerås, Uppsala,
Södertälje and Stockholm.

Our cooperating partners are leading Swedish companies specializing in their area of expertise along with organizationsin the hunting, fishing, dog, and sport shooting fields. The governor responsible for all the royal establishments in Sweden is also working along with us in this unique exhibition.

Looking forward to seeing you at Tullgarn 27-29 of May 2016!

For further information, please contact:
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